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Important information about Zander Insurance

Important information about Zander Insurance

Important information about Zander Insurance

Many of us in our daily lives are exposed to risks, including illness or accidents, and these dangers also cause pain and sadness, as well as they affect the financial situation of the person who is in danger, or his family, so here appears the importance of insurance in facing the dangers faced by individuals and institutions; To compensate for the financial loss of customers and not the moral. And to get acquainted with what is offered by Zander Insurance, one of the largest insurance companies in the world, which is based on several criteria such as the size of the company's premiums, collection, revenues and profits, as well as the geographical area, the size of assets and others. Read on

Zander Insurance Company

Zander Insurance is an independent insurance agency headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, and one of the largest in the country. Zander stores rates across all lines of insurance, including: life, disability, home and auto, long-term care, group benefits, Business insurance, and more, while offering a comprehensive identity theft protection product.

Radio and television luminaries including Dave Ramsey, Eddie George, and Tony Gaskins have given Zander their patronage and support. In order to offer house and car insurance across the US, Zander teamed up with Answer Financial Insurance in 2012.

More options offered by Zander Insurance

Zander Insurance shop for many of the best insurance companies in order to save time and money for its customers, and is committed to serving them every day to keep their lives protected by offering insurance options, which are:

Life insurance

Life insurance for a fixed term is often recommended by financial experts due to its relatively low cost. provides beneficiaries with temporary protection; If you die within the covered period, they will receive a death benefit. Once the term expires, they are no longer entitled to an advantage.

Zander Insurance coverage amounts range from $50,000 to $10 million, so you can choose the feature that best suits your needs.

Long term care insurance

With access to all the best plans nationwide, Zander Insurance partners with LTC Consumer to help protect your savings with a customized offering that fits your specific needs and budget.

Health insurance

Zander Insurance has access to health insurance programs through eHealth, ensuring you have the most competitive options available.

Disability insuranse

Dave Ramsey recommends disability insurance for an amount equal to 60 to 70% of your monthly income as a start. This can be reduced based on progress in getting rid of debt and increasing savings.

Home insurance

Zander compares multiple home insurance plans, helping you find the most competitive rates for the coverage you need.

Auto insurance

Zander nationwide compares multiple auto insurance plans, helping you find the most competitive rates for the coverage you need... fast and simple.

Business insurance

To protect your employees, the premium Zander Insurance team will design a business insurance plan that protects everything you've built.

Employee insurance

Zander Insurance team places a strong emphasis on providing customized advisory services to rise to the challenge, offering customized employee benefit plans and unparalleled personalized service.

Workers insurance

Each state has its own workers compensation laws that require companies to have some form of workers compensation insurance to cover employees. Therefore, Zander's workers compensation capabilities are unique and rewarding for their clients.

Business id theft

Zander Insurance offers comprehensive identity theft coverage at an affordable price. It has its own approach to identity theft protection: bypass credit and bank account monitoring while keeping tabs on the dark web and your Social Security numbers

zander insurance

Pros and Cons of Zander Insurance

Zander Insurance is not a life insurance issuer. Instead, it's an insurance agency that you can use to compare life insurance shop for a fixed term. Collaborates with major life insurers, including AIG, Mutual of Omaha, and Prudential, to get quotes for long-term coverage.

With Zander, you can get coverage of up to $10 million with terms of up to 30 years. In some cases, you may qualify for simplified coverage and can get the insurance policy without a medical exam. However, Zander only offers quotes to cover the range. If you are looking for other types of coverage, such as universal or comprehensive life policies, you will need to work with another company.


  • Compare multiple quotes at once: By entering basic information into a form, you can get quotes from several insurance companies at once, making it easy to compare and choose the best policy for you.
  • High Coverage Amounts Available: With Zander, you can purchase up to $10 million in coverage, giving your beneficiaries a significant death benefit.
  • Not all policies require medical exams: While most life insurance policies require you to undergo a medical exam, some policies offered through Zander use simplified underwriting and allow you to skip the exam.


  • Policies Not Insured by Zander: While you can get quotes for term life insurance through the Zander website, Zander does not guarantee any of the policies. It connects consumers with third-party partners who issue policies.
  • Only Lifetime Coverage Available: Zander sells only lifetime coverage; If you are looking for universal or universal life policies, you will need to go elsewhere.
  • No optional passengers: Zander allows you to get quotes for lifetime coverage, but it doesn't have an option for you to add passengers to your policy to customize your coverage.

Complaint Index

If you are comparing insurance companies, look for the complaint ratios. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) releases company complaint ratios each year to show the number of complaints companies receive in relation to their insurance market share.

The industry standard for ratios is 1.0. Firms with ratios above 1.0 received more complaints than usual for their size. Those with ratios less than 1.0 received fewer complaints.

Since Zander doesn't issue policies herself, she doesn't have her own complaint percentage. Instead, look at complaint ratios for companies that issue policies.

Customer service

Zander Insurance's customer service team is available by phone or email. It also has a chat feature that you can use during Zander's business hours to get your questions answered instantly.

To contact customer support, send an email to info@zanderins.com

If you decide to apply for insurance after receiving a quote from Zander and the coverage is approved, you work with the company that issues your policy regarding any questions or issues you have with your plan.

How to cancel Zander?

Subscribers can cancel by phone at 800-356-4282 or email at zanderidt@zanderins.com. Monthly subscribers can cancel before the next billing date, and annual subscribers may get cashback.

What happens to your personal information if you cancel Zander?

Zander's privacy policy states that User's personal information shall not be shared with third parties for promotional, marketing, or other purposes. It shares data with partners involved in fraud prevention and detection and may disclose information in response to a law enforcement request.